Melbourne Early Autumn 2018 — Day 3

We decided to catch the new Avengers movie at the Crown. It was a breath of fresh air when the cinema didn’t show tacky anti-piracy ads like the ones back home.

The Village
That buttery aroma ♡

So the entire movie, me and my sister sat together and we were just losing it. Overall, it was a good movie BUT WHAT THE ACTUAL WHAT.

The orchestra starts at 7PM and we still have time to wander around.

Close up
Batman Park

The group decided to eat at Betty’s Burger. I guess the neon sign invited us in. It has, after all, the word BURGER in red neon lights. Burger was great, didn’t get to take a picture of it because it was instantly devoured. I do, however, got a pic of this baby.

Betty's Burger

A little backstory


When my aunt picked me up from LAX, it was almost dinner time and she asked if I wanted some In-n-Out because we would be passing by the establishment on our way to Santa Clarita. I said ‘sure’, I want me some LA culture for my Day 0. I got a Double Double and was advised to pair it with their Chocolate Shake. It felt a little scandalous because I rarely pair my food with something really cold and dessert-y because of the grease. Then that glorious first sip got me swooning. The feeling of being told by the man of your dreams that he wants to get a puppy with you, that scenario.. but in food form. Does that make sense? It was love and surely, a gateway to diabetes, but mostly love.

Going back to Betty’s Burger, I ordered their peanut butter thick shake (AU$ 8.00). It’s made with custard ice cream and sprinkles of 21st century hope. I feel a bit guilty as I’ve accidentally cheated on my first shake-love, In-n-Out. Since I love them both, Betty’s Burger can be my side-hoe.

It’s almost 7 and I think the next post should be a separate one.

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