Thank you, Anthony Bourdain

This was taken last year somewhere in Old Phuket Town when I tasted my first Thai milk tea. It felt like a mini accomplishment; I just turned 27 plus a new place I’ve never been to, what a buzz! My group had little sleep prior to our MNL-BKK-HKT flight that time. So in this picture, I’m probably half-fighting drowsiness then the other half would be contentment from said beverage.. People often ask me why I like to travel and wonder how I can afford it. They would give comments about my “bravery” whenever I travel alone to far away places. The truth is, regarding budget, the irresponsible millennial that I am gets post-trip-Trisha broke. I thank my parents for financially supporting me whenever I don’t have ‘baon’ anymore hehe ✌🏼 Second truth is that I’m always scared traveling alone. I once tried to hitchhike in Okayama because I was lost in the middle of nowhere (Spirited Away feels, I promise) on my 26th birthday! I guess a part of my passion to travel stemmed from watching travel / gourmet shows growing up. I wanted my own travel show so bad.

Some favorites: An Idiot Abroad, Anything Jamie Oliver, a few NatGeo and Discovery Channel travel shows (sorry can’t remember their titles) and of course Parts Unknown. I feel betrayed as I write this but I’d like to think that I get courage from the late Anthony Bourdain. Courage to try a new cuisine and to visit places beyond my comfort zone. Looking back now, I’ve just realized how he influenced me without me knowing it. Originally, I just wanted to write a short caption, it’s 5 in the morning after all but the thoughts kept pouring in. Now I’m cornered to admit that his death affected me personally. I’ve been uneasy ever since I knew about his passing. Gosh I’m so heartbroken. Thank you for the adventures and ราตรีสวัสดิ์, Anthony Bourdain. I’ll be sure to bite off a leg from a fried Spider the next time I hit the streets of Cambodia. Baby steps.

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